The National Security Podcast

The National Security Podcast

Chris Farnham and Katherine Mansted bring you expert analysis, insights and opinion on Australia and the region's national security challenges in this pod from Policy Forum. Produced with the support of the ANU National Security College.

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    Strategic forecasting with the UK Ministry of Defence

    On this National Security Podcast, Brigadier Ewen Murchison from the UK Ministry of Defence joins Chris Farnham to talk about futures forecasting in national and international security.

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    Data, cyber, and the social contract

    Is the growing collection and aggregation of data likely to empower the individual and strengthen democracy or benefit manipulative corporations and encourage authoritarian governance? How should society frame the problem of privacy and information control and where does regulation give way to personal responsibility? In this episode Katherine Mansted talks data, cyber, democracy, and the social contract with Dr Lesley Seebeck, CEO of the ANU Cyber Institute.

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    Counter-terrorism and China's war on Uyghurs

    On this National Security Podcast, Michael Clarke discusses counter-terrorism in China with a focus on the dynamics between its Communist Party and its ethnic and religious minorities.

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    Hostage diplomacy and the Huawei indictments

    In light of recent events concerning Huawei and China’s use of hostage diplomacy, Chris Farnham talks to Rory Medcalf and Katherine Mansted on this first National Security Podcast of 2019.

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    An inside look at countering terror

    On this episode of the National Security Podcast, former Director of the US National Counterterrorism Centre Nick Rasmussen discusses the changing nature of US counter-terrorism policy and answers questions from listeners to his recent address to the ANU National Security College.

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    Women in National Security – episode 6

    What happens when a Far North Queensland Indigenous community teams up with a local army unit? On the final episode of our Women in National Security Conference podcast series, we chat with the speakers of one of the biggest crowd favourites from the conference: Eileen Deemal-Hall and Lieutenant Colonel Tim Rutherford from the Wujal Wujal security songlines panel.

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    Women in National Security – episode 5

    On the fifth (but not final!) special episode brought to you from the Women in National Security Conference, we hear from Nicole Renvert and Huong Le Thu about the future of the Indo-Pacific region.

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